Santos has no obligations in the championship, with Serie A starting on
14/04. A team with a long history at Copa Libertadores has won the title
three times and hopes to make a decent career this year. In the last
position of the group he knows that the victory in todays game is
one-way. Ventura is not preparing to make changes, but he is going to
re-line himself 11. The fans are expected to support Santos today to
reach its first victory, with the administration expecting the 25,000 to
be in the stands.

Santos vs Montevideo必威官网亚洲体育。They beat Gartsilaso, with Santos knowing the 2-0 defeat at the groups
premiere, staring again with her image. He was found from the 8 back to
the score, unable to react properly, with Garsilaso in 89 to form the
final 2-0. The Zair Ventura band does not hit well, but counts three
defeats in its last four games in all competitions. Saturday was forced
in another heavy defeat this time with 3-1 from Sao Bento in the state
championship Pulist.

On Saturday, the Medina band beat Devilsor 2-0 in the championship,
where after six passes he is in 2nd place and at -1 from the top. It
only counts one defeat in the last 11 games for all the events, having
scored eight wins and two draws. As far as today the technician Medina
does not count on the services of the experienced Fouisile because of
the punishment, while the participation of Perucci and Aristide is

游戏的方法 主队 指数 客队 让分 Santos(1.04卡塔尔 半/生龙活虎 乌拉圭民族(0.86State of Qatar


A significant degree of superior Estudiantes managed to get the Nacional
in the opening of the group, with the two teams emerging 0-0 in
Montevideo. Nasianal presented a serious person, had control, but could
not actually threaten her opponent. A positive start to the group stage
against a strong opponent, with Nacional backing this year on a good
track at Copa Libertadores. She started her obligations on the
tournament from the second qualifying round, leaving Sappeconse off
(0-1, 1-0), then overtaking Banfields (2-2, 1-0).


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